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Say it Ain’t Sew

With the help of various pieces of software, I’ve been converting some of our designs to be readable by computer controlled sewing machines.  It’s a fascinating process, though fairly complex.  It’s important to maintain strict control over these giant needle-wielding SewBots or they could get out of hand and stitch all of humanity right out of existence.  With great power comes great responsibility, don’tcha know.

Sew What

As you can see above, there is lots of information in the finished (Tajima .DST) files to detail the path of every stitch.  Fascinating, no?  As this is a new experience for me, and each design breaks down differently, a certain amount of trial and error has been required.  In the end, however, the results are worth the time spent and I can’t wait to get me a sherpa-lined hoodie with The Hammer on it.

Hammer Stitch

If you have a favorite design here on DZ7, that isn’t embroidered (you can check here), let me know and I’ll see what we can do about getting it onto a polo shirt or jacket for you!

Your pal,


Hey There!

Welcome to DrawZone7

We are a couple of folks who wanted to see what would happen if we combined our individual skills and passions to make something new.  Icy cool concoctions of curling, graphics and the web, DZ7 and Curlish.com are the results.

With fun graphics added regularly, and plans for a range of other curling-related projects, we hope you’ll come back to check on us once in a while.  You can, of course, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for occasional updates.

Stay Curlish!

-Lenore and Tom